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Unique Eyewear & Eyecare
West Point & Meridian, Mississippi

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At Troupe Family Optometry We Truly Believe...

Sight Is Precious,
Healthy Vision—Vital

It Comes Down to the Right Team & The Right Place—For the Right Experience

Dr. Amanda Troupe

— Committed to Making a Difference

It all starts with us greeting you while you sign in and wait for your appointment. Nothing needs to be daunting, we explain everything you want to know, and we endeavor to treat you how you like to be treated...


At Our West Point and Meridian Practices, We Work Hard to Be More Than Meets the Eye

All Age Groups for Eye Care Services

We Take Everyone—At Any Age

We offer a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages, from children's eye care to geriatric eye care.

We also provide emergency care for all of your eye emergencies. Contact our practice without delay if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms or sudden changes in vision.

Myopia Care For Kids

Myopia symptoms include difficulty seeing objects that are far away, eyestrain, headaches, and frequent squinting. Left untreated, moderate to high myopia can significantly increase a person's risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life.

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Woman with Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Therapy for Fast Relief From Dry Eye Symptoms

Put an end to living with dry, itchy or watery eyes. Let us help you experience healthy, comfortable vision. Dry eye syndrome, also called dry eye disease, is a chronic condition caused by either insufficient tears or an imbalance in one of the elements that make up your tears. Dry eye symptoms include dry, gritty, watery, itchy, red and irritated eyes.

Dr. Troupe is Awesome!! My whole experience was GREAT!
5 months ago
- Kelcey B.
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